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“Take Control of Tuning Problems!”

The Guitar NutBuster®is an attachable, user-installed, completely non-invasive

Locking Tune Stabilizing System that offers significant control over the most common tuning problems.


It’s simple, easy-to-use and delivers immediate results. The Guitar NutBuster®is a patented All-in-One

floating and suspended system that attaches directly to your guitar’s strings, safely and with no damage,

and instantly transforms a stock whammy bar equipped guitar into a Tune-Locking Powerhouse!

The Guitar NutBuster®is also extremely advantageous for hardtail (non-tremolo) electric and

acoustic guitars: it adds sustain and  fine-tuning capabilities, making

the Guitar NutBuster®a great tool for all guitar players!


What’s it worth to finally remedy your tuning problems, have “tuning peace of mind” onstage,

or reconnect with a beloved old guitar that you couldn’t use the whammy on? And, if you want,

there’s nothing to say that you couldn’t easily take it off and try it on another guitar!

The Guitar NutBuster®does its job all while remaining a totally

non-invasive mod which is pretty rare for hardware!


The Guitar NutBuster®is proudly designed, manufactured and

assembled to the highest quality and standards in the USA.

  • No Modifications, Routing or Screws Required

  • Non-Damaging to the Guitar or Its Finish

  • User Installed in Minutes

  • Easy to Use and Operate

  • For Standard 6-String Electric and Acoustic Guitars

  • Offers Micro-Tuning Accuracy

  • Floating and Suspended, Attaches Directly to the Strings

  • Can Easily Be moved From One Guitar to Another

  • Sustain Enhancing Benefits

  • Made of Solid Tool Steel Construction

  • Patented All-in-One System

  • Proudly Made 100% in America


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The Guitar NutBuster®is extremely versatile and is designed to be used on Standard 6-String

Electric & Acoustic Guitars having a common (1-3/8”, 1-13/32” or 1-7/16”) Low E string to

High E string spread at the nut. This basically covers the vast majority of common guitar

models available having a Total Nut Width of 1-11/16″ (plus or minus 1/32″).


* Fits Both Right and Left Handed Guitars *


(Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any compatibility questions or concerns

for using the Guitar NutBuster®on your particular guitar model.)