“Thank you guys so much for coming up with this…I can’t believe how well my guitar is holding its tune!”

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“The Guitar NutBuster® on world tour with Charlie Scene of Hollywood Undead!”


- Charlie Scene, (Hollywood Undead) Los Angeles, CA

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- Bruno Breiter, (Guitarist) Stallikon, Switzerland

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“Cool little gadget you came up with.”

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- JD, (Guitarist) St. Louis, MO

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- Robert Kreal, (Guitarist) Cleveland, OH

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- Sting Ray Anthony, (Guitarist, Entertainment Specialist) Las Vegas, NV

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- Nikki Storm, (Guitarist for Suicide Blonde, formerly of The Godz) Akron, OH (Facebook@akronrockers)

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- Frank Tetsche, (Guitarist) Silkeborg, Denmark

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- Bruno N, (Guitarist, Material Scientist, inventor) Verona, Italy

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I now have a killer Franken-Strat to play Van Halen® on!”

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- Dex Deimos, (Guitarist) Ontario, Canada

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- Bobby Lovelle, (Guitarist) Fayetteville, AR

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- Freddy DeMarco, (Guitarist, Music Product Specialist, Owner of DeMarco’s Recording Studio) Hudson, OH

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- Jeffery Wan, (Guitarist) Sarawak, Malaysia

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- Edi Beciragic, (Guitarist for Ezzy Top) Meerbusch, Germany

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Very happy with the results!”

- Dave Mizrahi, (Guitarist) Marina Del Rey, CA

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- Christian Hernandez, (Guitarist) Bakersfield, CA

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- Carl Fiadino, (Guitarist) West Babylon, NY

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- “Dreadlock” Dave McDougald, (Guitarist, Bassist, Fulltime Musician) Mantua, OH

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- Noel Pauley, (Guitarist) Buffalo, NY

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- Rich Tara, (Guitarist) New York, NY

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- Brian Scranton, (Guitarist) North Tonawanda, NY

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- Chuck Juda, (Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist) Hudson, Ohio

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- Steve Sandy, (Guitarist) Spanaway, WA

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- Roland Solomon, (Guitarist, Transportation Specialist) Twinsburg, OH